Monday, February 24, 2014

DIY Tabletop Faux Finish

While browsing Pinterest a few weeks ago I came across a DIY paper bag flooring technique. We have hardwood floors and they don't need refinishing. However I thought it would make a great finish for a tabletop. So I started hunting for the prefect table to try this technique on. I found this perfect old round school table at one of my favorite stores: Empty the Nest.

I brought it home and got started with the project. First I ran to Home Depot and got my supplies:
1 Quart of Stain ( any color you wish )
1 Quart Clear Polyurethane ( I went with water based )
1 Roll of Brown Builders Paper
1 Gallon of Elmers Glue* (you don't need this much for 1 table, but I plan to do more)
*Couldn't find the Gallon of Elmers Glue at HD. Went to Joann's Craft store and found it there.

 That's a lot of glue!
 Step 1: Mix your glue with water. I went with 1 Part glue to 2 parts water. Since it was a relatively small project I went with 1cup glue : 2 cups water. I mixed it in a shallow square plastic bowl.
 Step 2: Tear up pieces of paper and crumple them. I tried to keep them all about the same size.
 Step 3: Dip each piece of paper in the glue mixture, let the excess run off and flatten it down on your surface. I wore a pair of gloves and it worked great.
 Step 4: Overlap the pieces since they do shrink up a bit after they dry. I let the table dry over night.
 Step 5: Time to Stain!  I used a lambs wool stain applicator and poured some stain in the same kind of bowl I used for the glue. I just spread out the stain and let it sit for a few minutes. I then wiped it off using an old towel.
 Step 6: Let it dry overnight. It still felt slightly tacky in the morning but I was ready to Poly!
 Step 6: Apply the Polyurethane in thin coats. I used a paint brush to apply it. I waited a few hours between coats and applied 5 coats over two days.

It turned out so great! It's nice and shiny and it looks like leather. I can't wait to do another table.

Thanks for checking out my post! And thanks to Ashley at Domestic Imperfection for the idea.
Have a great day :)

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Top 5 Creepy Estate Sale finds

We frequent a lot of Estate Sales, Garage Sales and our Favorite place to visit is Empty the Nest ( a company that cleans out estates and sell the items in their store)
So it should not surprise you that we've come across some crazy things. We usually buy these crazy items because what we've learned is: People love crazy things!

Here are our top five things that we have found. Some of them are for sale and I'll include a link in case you HAVE to own it!

Number 5: Used Parachute Rip Cords

We bought a whole box full of these used parachute rip cords (about 20 or so). All of them were mounted on plaques and included the name of the person that the rip cord either SAVED or DID NOT SAVE. Some of them had happy endings like the one above. Others were not so lucky and perished in the fall. This is the last one we have of the lot and are going to be keeping it. (sorry)

 Number 4: Molar in a Jar

This tooth with roots intact came in this cute little jar. The tooth appears to be in fairly good shape. Not sure why it was pulled, but apparently it gave someone some trouble and it was yanked.
This guy is not yet for sale, but it will be. Interested? shoot us a message on Etsy.

Number 3: Creepy Dolls

Oh man these dolls are CREEPY! One is just a head, but she's watching you! The largest one has some mildew on her face that takes on a ghost-like appearance. We keep these creepers in the garage so they can't get us at night. Want them to come live with you? You're in luck:

Number 2: Articulated Dental Model

Nom, nom, nom. This set of chompers help dental students practice filling, tooth extraction and other "fun" procedures that we've all endured. It completely flips open so you can see all the teeth at once.
This beauty is not listed for sale yet, but it will be shortly. Favorite us on Etsy to be alerted to all our new items for sale.

The Number 1 Creepiest Thing we've bought:


Seriously, so creepy. Someone was done with the Rastafarian look and shaved 'em off and put them in a box. Ben came across them at our favorite store Empty the Nest and had to have them.
Lucky you- they are available to purchase! 
Check them out here:

So there you have it. Our creepiest finds.

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