Monday, September 16, 2013

This is why our neighbors think we're nuts...

Maybe it's because we have this currently built in our driveway??

Or maybe because or garage ( workshop, storage area) is bursting at the seams with awesome junk!

Could be either of those. But really to us and to lovers-of-junk like yourselves it means one thing:

Junk bonanza is almost here!! 

We have been working our our booth display (which is what that structure is in our driveway) getting ready to make our way to Canterbury (Beverly Hillbilly style ) for the Fall Junk Bonanza Sept 26, 27, & 28. The cost is $9 admission- but it is so worth it my friend. Aisles and aisles of awesome rusty, crusty fabulous junk!

But before that we are at a 1-day Junk Market that is free and outside on Sept 21st 8am-5pm. It's in Burnsville on Cliff Road and Hwy 13 in the Parking lot of Touch of Home and Jimmy Johns. Come visit us there and then the next weekend come to the Bonanza!

Yikes we have our work cut out for us this week. (who signed us up for back-to-back junk markets anyway? Oh wait that was me!!)


Sunday, September 8, 2013

A Vintage Parcel Wedding

On Saturday we (the owners of a Vintage Parcel) renewed our wedding vows.  (married for 12 years :) It was a small ceremony with our parents and siblings followed by a great party with lots of friends. The best part was is that it was held at our house and we used a lot of our cool vintage items to decorate our yard.

Most of these items are  (or will be) available either on Etsy or at Junk Bonanza.

 Here we are, newly renewed :)

Even our Dog Bailey dressed up. (Can you see the bowtie under his scruff :)

Recognize the "table" top? Yep it's the tailgate that we use for our sign. We LOVE the turquoise dresser! That will be making an appearance at Junk Bonanza in a few weeks!

A closer look at this beautiful thing. Also featured are our aluminum letters in a track. And yes a wedding photo from our original wedding in 2001.

We have this SUPER cool old slate Chalkboard that we are considering renting out for weddings. It's too cool to sell!

A close up of the tailgate table. We also used vintage metal fridge drawers to hold ice and drinks.

Did you know that you can send a photo to Jones Soda and then you can order custom bottles of soda pop with your photo on the label? So cool!

We have tons of vintage frames that are perfect for photo shoots like this!

Even our 5 year old had fun with the frame :)

Love that Ball brought back the vintage Blue canning jars. They looked great with the sunflowers!

We even had a few of our letterpress letters out for decoration. We have a huge selection of them. Check them out here.

It was a meaningful ceremony, a wonderful celebration and a fun time with friends. Let us know how we can help you decoration for your special day :)

:) Jenni