Saturday, October 26, 2013

Announcing a Partnership in "Junk", a perfect match!

Hello fellow friends, and fans ;-)  We may have been quite on the blog front for the past month but we certainly have not been sitting idle!  

As implied by the title aVintageParcel is announcing some HUGE news!

We are officially going to have a permanent local outlet for our wares at a wonderfully eclectic store by the name of Junket!  See the link below!

After meeting the owner, Julie Kearns, at Junk Bonanza we stopped in at her soon to be expanded store and knew the fit was right!  The plan right now is for us to be part of the new expanded space, along with several other local vendors, that is planned to be open for the weekend of November 15! So soon!  The store will be open for sales every weekend after that until Christmas.  Find that special gift that just cannot be bought no matter how hard you look at target or best buy ;-P

We are hard at work planning and building our display that will be chock full with 1000's of vintage parcel's nifty little, and big, items.  We have been stockpiling treasure in anticipation of this announcement so you will be treated to lots of items not found on our etsy store if you stop in :-)  It will be so great to have a permanent local outlet for our items!

Watch for lots more info and progress on this endeavor! Feeling excited!