Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Gearing up for Spring Junk Bonanza!

It's almost that time of year again: JUNK BONANZA! We are starting to gear up for it and with a few JB's under our belt we have a better handle on what it takes to be a successful vendor. Though we are by no means experts, but we wanted to share what we've learned with other Vendors and soon-to-be Vendors. So we have compiled a checklist of: things to remember to bring, things you may not need, and general how-to's about booth set up.

First a little back story...I started selling at craft shows a few years back. Mostly crafty items with a few upcycled items sprinkled in. Then with the encouragement of my sister and another crafter I started on Etsy. Long story short, I found that vintage was selling WAY better than crafty items. So I recruited my husband to join me in this venture and a Vintage Parcel was born! We decided to apply for Junk Bonanza Spring 2013 and were put on the waiting list. TWO WEEKS before the show they emailed us saying that a spot had opened up and we were in! HOLY COW! We had to move into high gear and come up with a booth idea, gather more product and PRICE it all!

So here is what we learned and wanted to share it with you!