Friday, April 25, 2014

Where we're headed...

Hello Junk-Lovers !
It has been a surprisingly short while since we burst onto the scene, peddling our decidedly different mix of interesting and vintage supplies, parts and pieces. We have come a long way from our beginnings, learned a lot (we are quick learners), and it is now time to share the future trajectory of a Vintage Parcel with those most important to us, our customers!

If you have perused our ETSY store, visited our little corner of Junket Tossed and Found, or seen us at Junk Bonanza you have probably noticed something different about us.  While others have “smalls” intermixed among larger pieces we have “smalls” on a whole other level as far as quantity and diversity packed into a tiny little space.  We have heard time and time again that it is this QUANTITY and DIVERSITY that people are craving.  Being able to pick through the hundreds to find “the one” is what people want.  

We aim to be a sort of an “idea center” for you, offering an exceptional selection of reclaimed and vintage supplies for the creative at heart.  Come in with an idea, or looking for an idea, and leave with the supplies to make it happen.  We will have you covered.
Don’t fret if you’re not the “crafty” sort, we will still continue to offer unique pieces fashioned from the very supplies we offer ;-)  After all, we have to admit, we didn’t just collect all this cool stuff just for you,  we love it too!!
We have already stepped up our efforts to hunt down those unique collections of items and those who shop with us in the next couple of months will notice a serious shift towards organization of our inventory and decidedly MORE of everything!

Oh and we should mention that we are teaming up with like-minded Junket Tossed and Found in this endeavor to be an alternative source for unique supplies and materials.  Because even if we tried we couldn’t collect all things for everyone, we are dividing and conquering!  It pays to have good friends in this business!

Jenni & Ben Mueller
A Vintage Parcel

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