Tuesday, May 13, 2014

What can I make with that?

We have a lot of cool things for sale (we think so at least)
 but so many times people ask- 
what can I make with that? Pinterest to the rescue! 
We have made boards on Pinterest showcasing what you can make 
with some of the popular items we sell. Check it out.

Valve Handles

We literally have tons of valve/faucet handles
both on Etsy and at our local shop called Junket.
So what can you make from them?
Here are some ideas we've put together on Pinterest

Check out our idea board on Pinterest.

Glass Insulators

What is a glass insulator? They were used on telephone/utility poles
to support and separate electrical conductors.  
What can you make from them?
 Here are some ideas:

Check it out on Pinterest
Buy them on Esty

Industrial Baking Pans
 We recently won an auction lot of industrial baking pans 
from a bakery that went out of business. 
We had them cleaned and glazed and they are amazing. 
Perfect for storage of little bits and pieces!
For sale on Etsy Soon!

Check it out on Pinterest

Old Wooden Ladders
So cool! But what can you use them for besides the obvious? 

Check out what we found on pinterest!


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