Saturday, May 31, 2014

Reunited...and it feels so good.

You guys...we just had the coolest thing happen. 

At The Olde Depot Junktion sale (that we did over Memorial Day in Brainerd
we met a History teacher named Beth Z. 
She was very interested in the box of WWII love letters that we had. 
We chatted about them for awhile and she bought a few of them to share with her classes. 

A few days later we got an email from her saying that through some internet research, she had found Julie B. , the daughter of the couple in the letters! Beth forwarded the email response from Julie:

"That is indeed my mother and father, who are both deceased. My Dad was always writing home (St. Paul) to my mother. He was stationed in London and was a pilot in WWII. I believe he was also in Stevens Point, WI and other parts of the U.S. Of a family of six there are only my brother and myself left"

After hearing this we knew the right thing to do. So we gathered up all the letters and are going to be mailing them out today (5/30/14) to Julie B. What a wonderful surprise that will be for her and her brother. We're just happy that they are finding their way back to the family!

We will keep you posted about their journey!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Jenni & Ben


  1. What a neat story. So glad they made it back to the family.. what a treasure to have!

  2. This is a great story ~ we have a friend that blogs and one of her blogs is "Forgotten Old Photos" - she collects photos and attempts to reunite them with their families.

  3. Fantastic! Yes I have a blog called Forgotten Old Photos. The children of this couple will treasure those letters! Great reunion!

    1. Awesome! We will check out your blog :)

    2. What a grat story! This is absolutely priceless and makes what we do so special and rewarding!